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Information about cookies

1. General information about cookies

www.nr1gonet.comonly uses absolutely necessary (technical) cookies. By using this website, you automatically consent to the use of these cookies. When you click on external links on our website, the owner of the linked website or content is responsible for all additional saved cookies

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2. General information about Google Analytics cookies

On this website, we use Google Analytics from Google LLC (1600 Amphitheater Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) for statistical evaluation of visitor data. Google Analytics uses cookies for this purpose.

Google Analytics cookies

  • Name: _ga

    • Expiration date: 2 years
    • Usage: Distinguish your site visitors
    • Example value: GA1.2.1 326744211. 153577414741
  • Name: _gid

    • Expiration time: 24 hours
    • Usage: Distinguish your site visitors
    • Example value: GA1.2.1 687193234. 152365478952
  • Name: _gat_gtag_UA_

    • Expiration time: 1 minute
    • Usage: Suppresses the request rate. If you provide Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager, this cookie is called _dc_gtm_ .
    • Example value: 1

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3. Google reCAPTCHA cookies

ReCAPTCHA uses the following cookies: Here we refer to the demo version of Google reCAPTCHA. These cookies need a unique identifier for tracking purposes. Here is a list of cookies set by Google reCAPTCHA in the demo version:

Expiry date: after one year
Usage: This cookie is set by DoubleClick (also owned by Google) to register and report user activity on the site when it comes to advertising. In this way, the effectiveness of advertising can be measured and appropriate optimization measures can be taken. The IDE is stored in browsers under the domain
Example value: WqTUmlnmv_ qXyi_DGNPLE SKnRNrpgXoy1K- pAZtAkMbHI- 525470001

Expiry date: one month after
Usage: This cookie collects statistics about your use of the website and measures conversions. For example, a conversion occurs when a user becomes a customer. The cookie is also used to serve relevant ads to users. In addition, the use of a cookie prevents the user from seeing the same ad more than once.
Example value: 2019-5-14-12

Name: ANID
Expiry date: after 9 months
Usage: We couldn’t find out much information about this cookie. Google's privacy policy uses a cookie with "advertising cookies" such as B. Said "DSID", "FLC", "AID", "TAID". The ANID is saved under the domain.
Example value: U7j1v3dZa6 855587410x gZFmiqWpp RWKOr

Expiry date: after 19 years
Usage: The cookie stores the state of the user's consent to the use of various Google services. CONSENT also serves to control users, prevent login information, and protect user data from unauthorized attacks for security reasons.
Example value: YES + + 20190618- 28-1

Name: NID
Expiry date: after 6 months
Usage: NID is used by Google to customize ads for Google search. With the cookie, Google “remembers” the most frequently entered search queries or your previous interactions with ads. That way, you always get personalized ads. The cookie contains a unique identifier that is collected by Google for advertising purposes.
Example value: 0WmuWqy3 36652148 zILzqV_nmt3 sDXwPeM5Q

Name: DV
Expiration time: in 10 minutes
Usage: Once you have selected the "I am not a robot" checkbox, this cookie will be set. The cookie is used by Google Analytics for personalized ads. DV collects information anonymously and also serves to differentiate users.
Example value: gEAABBCj JMXcI0dSAA AANbqc952 414125

Note: This list may not be complete, as experience has shown that Google changes its selection of cookies over and over again.

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4. Deactivate cookies

You can delete cookies or deactivate cookies on your computer at any time. The way to do this varies depending on the browser. It's best to look for instructions on Google using the search terms "delete cookies" or "deactivate cookies" and your browser name, e.g. firefox, safari.

If you do not normally allow the use of cookies, ie if you deactivate them via your browser settings, some functions and pages may not work as expected.

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5. Cookies created by

If you have not visited our website before, we will create 1 cookie in your browser to check the date of the visit.

  • Name: nr1gonet_hu
    • Expiration date: 6 months
    • Usage: Check the date of the visit
    • Value: 1

    This cookie is absolutely necessary, so it will be saved automatically when you start using our website.

    The cookie document has been reviewed and approved by our attorney.

    Attention: We have compiled our own statement about's cookies. If you believe any resemblance to your cookies or any of these generators is purely coincidental. Any use of this document (including any part of it) (copying, use on another website, saving) other than reading it is prohibited and will have immediate legal consequences unless agrees in writing.

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