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Logo design

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Online logo generator vs. graphic

Unique or not?

It is better to trust a professional

The internet these days is full of logo editors and generators, but is it worth using these?

Let’s just take a nice look at the websites that provide these services.

Completely free

Completely free logo generators work with icons and different styles of text and their point is to collect data about us, meaning if you want to save your logo, the site generously offers to send it to us via email. With this, he also got our e-mail address to which he also sends the newsletters of the paid services 2-3 times a week.

Let’s see the quality and uniqueness of the logos created on such websites. Logos are made from ready-made graphic elements (very simple icons) and text styles with a few clicks. The uniqueness of these logos is a big zero. Because they work with pre-saved graphics, it’s likely that we weren’t the only ones choosing this icon for our logo.

The quality of this logo is very poor, take for example our logo, which is made on a 15000 x 8000 background and can be changed at any time. Such high-resolution graphics can be reduced to anything we just need, but we can’t improve the image resolution of a free-generated logo. We may have a free logo, but unfortunately it is well worth it.

Free or not?

These versions already have more serious graphics, with more options before logo generation, such as company activity, text and graphics positioning, etc.

Once generated, the website even gives you the option to edit a so-called free logo, which a lot of people naively use and even spend hours wasting first learning about the online editing program and then redesigning the logo to suit their needs.

Our logo is complete, perfect for us, but clicking the download button comes as a surprise. The logo, which we worked on for several hours, can only be downloaded for free in low resolution, you have to pay for the higher resolution. Here we have to decide whether to throw several hours of work out the window or pay for what we worked for. I know it sounds weird, but that’s the case and a lot of these sites make a profit because a lot of people prefer to pay for what the website asks for.

In summary

Whichever option we choose to get the logo, we don’t get quality or uniqueness either, so it’s much better to entrust a professional graphic artist from whom we get exactly what to expect!

It is up to everyone to decide which option to choose, but it is advisable to think carefully. The logo defines a lot of things, which is why we recommend that if you are not a graphic designer, do not start with it yourself, because you need to know what the requirements are for a basic logo to meet.


In contrast to impersonal, automated logo design websites, with us you can tell us your specific needs, if you have no idea that is okay, then we will create your logo.

Unique, professional logo design - Nr1gonet

Reasonably priced

Design your logo with us!

We are sure you will get what you want. Our professional graphic designer is at your disposal whatever your idea. The price depends on the time required to design the logo and any changes.
Ask us at the Nr1gonet team for our personalized quote, which we will give you after a free discussion.

You have nothing to lose, you can only win with us!
If you need anything other than the logo, take a look around us, you will definitely find the right one for you.